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International Cooking Class

The international cooking class is a community project in Cincinnati outreach initiative for international students sponsored by Fellowship of Christians.  We meet roughly every other Saturday at 5:30pm at the home of Kevin and Nancy Heikkila for a short presentation of how to make some kind of international dish followed by a potluck dinner.

The goals are as follows:

  1. To allow international students to experience life in an American home.
  2. To give international students a chance to practice their English and become friends with americans.
  3. To allow people to experience foods from many different countries.
  4. To show God’s love.

While we learn to cook foods from other countries, the primary purpose is to have an opportunity to get to know people from other places.  It is not necessary to cook something or bring food.  This is a church sponsored group but it is not necessary to be a Christian to attend.

For more information join out facebook group “Tech Fellowship International Group”

or contact Nancy Heikkila at



Heikkila House

67 Simmons Lane Russellville, AR
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Inexpensive Living Experiment

I spent a long time paying off debt.  Having finally done so I decided to make some fairly radical lifestyle changes in order to live a less expensively.  This is a learning experience, so I am documenting the various projects along with what I have learned and the (many) mistakes I have made along the way.  Hopefully it will be useful to anyone else that is thinking of trying something similar, and will serve as an encouragement that it is possible to live comfortably with a lot less stuff and without debt.

A partial list of projects includes:

  1. Earth Bag Dome
  2. Low cost geodesic dome / greenhouse
  3. Papercrete
  4. Aquaponic greenhouse / garden / fish farm.
  5. Earth bag hot-tub.
  6. Rocket Stove. (to heat greenhouse / dome / hot-tub)
  7. Composting water heater (also to heat greenhouse / dome / hot-tub)
  8. Mushroom farming (the legal kind)
  9. Wood-Gasification / Charcoal Manufacturing.
  10. Energy production (solar / wind / woodgas)
  11. Possible construction based on polyurethane pour-foam or underground shipping containers.
More Information can be found on my blog at:
I would welcome anyone that would like to help or who could provide advice or resources.
Contact me at: